Grunsfeld typically modest in receiving National Space Trophy

05/09/2017 14:16
It’s always satisfying when a truly deserving person is honored for an astonishing professional career. And so it was in Houston last week, when Dr. John Grunsfeld, NASA Associate Administrator of the Science Mission Directorate, was presented the National Space Trophy at the Houston Hyatt...

Space Symposium: Blue Origin steals the show for the second year in a row

04/10/2017 17:16
   There's something about real, flown space hardware that quickens the pulse. And when its the first rocket to both launch and land safely five times, people are in awe. And so it was at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs last week -- where photos like the one above became...

Issues (and, yes, City Council members) important in Colorado Springs’ wacky, off-cycle election

03/07/2017 15:06
City elections in Colorado Springs take place by mail in March, which means they are off-cycle from federal elections, and in presidential campaign years like we’ve just gone through (can’t bring myself to say “survived”) voters are notoriously burnt out on politics. Even with the incredible...

Enjoy these archived columns and op-eds

02/12/2017 09:19
With Mr. Pulham's retirement from public life, he has discontinued writing and speaking about the space industry.  Please feel free to enjoy these archived articles, columns and opinion-editorial pieces.

Global Space Community Has Never Looked Better!

01/04/2016 14:49
Despite some bumps in the road, 2015 will largely be remembered as a good year for space. Yes, there were moments like the Falcon 9, Proton and Soyuz failures, as well as the loss of Black Brant and Super Strypi small launch vehicles.    All told there were 82 launch attempts* (orbital or...

To Russian, With Love - Another Half Billion U.S. Dollars?

09/02/2015 13:12
It's not always easy to understand what members of Congress are thinking. For example, in the months leading up to the current recess, there was a great gnashing of teeth over U.S. acquisition of Russian space hardware - in particular, the RD-180 main rocket engine. However, in the...

30 Years On, Our Commitment to Education Keeps Getting Stronger

08/19/2015 13:44
  As the Space Foundation's third Summer of Discovery comes to a close later this month, our team and our partners in STEM education have much to celebrate. In little more than two and a half years of operation, our Space...

Time to Be Bullish on Space Again

06/10/2015 13:53
There was no mistaking the excitement in the air all throughout our recent 31st Space Symposium. There were exciting announcements, like ULA's unveiling of its new Vulcan launch vehicle, and moments of daring-do, like SpaceX's very nearly successful attempt to land a Falcon 9 first stage...

Hooray For Hollywood - I think!

02/19/2015 16:40
On Feb. 24,the Space Foundation will partner with K2 Communications, Giant Screen Films and the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., to hold a private advance screening of Journey to Space, a new, very large format film that celebrates the achievements of the Apollo, Space...

Finding Out How Far We Can Go

12/01/2014 15:01
  With snow building in the Rockies, I'm tuning up my skis and looking forward to a few impromptu downhill races. I've never won one of those by throttling back, schussing conservatively within my limits, or being afraid to leave...
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